XTREME CARBON – The multi plate Carbon clutch range is available to suit 900 to 1400 horsepower range and brings performance and driveability to the owners of high performance vehicles.

The Xtreme Carbon Clutches will give positive drive without slippage under the most extreme duty of drift, drag or race situations.
Utilizing up to the minute carbon technology incorporating a non-mesh, random wave carbon lining, the carbon material offers strength exceeding that of steel whilst reducing rotating inertia to a fraction of conventional multi-plate clutches.
This translates into faster operation, less horsepower loss through inertia and less overall weight. The advanced CAD design of the clutch kit also gives an increased contact area and phenomenal holding power when compared to conventional single and multi-plate clutches.

The inherent heat resistant properties of the carbon lining offer superior operation under race conditions, elimination of “clutch welding’ encountered by metallic clutches and the carbon product is flywheel friendly and offers superior product life compared to other clutches.

The Xtreme Carbon range of clutches are available to suit a huge variety of vehicles including big horsepower 4wd applications such as Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol along with mainstream applications such as Nissan GTR, Porsche, Toyota Supra etc.