4X4 suspension

We provide made-to-measure 4X4 suspension solutions for any road, any load and any mode.

Any Road – 4×4 Performance Kits

Performance kits are the next step up from the Enhancement kit. They will suit the recreational user and the 4×4 enthusiast after that little bit extra. These kits are also ideal for constant highway and long distance applications.

  • Better road holding
  • Less body roll
  • Increased ride comfort and control
  • Hold or correct alignment settings, decreased tyre wear
  • Decreased pitch, nose dive under braking

Any Load – 4×4 Load Kits

Load kits are for constant rear load applications. Typical users would be building trades, rural users carrying heay loads, applications with drawer systems, tool boxes, extra spare wheel and long range fuel tanks etc. The kit will generally sit the vehicle above original ride height.

Also available areĀ Load kits for steel bar & winch, combining the heavy rear load with constant heavy load bearing accessories on the front of the vehicle. This is typically a heavy steel bar and winch and possibly extra battery.

  • Increased load carrying ability
  • Maintaining height with load
  • Options for variable loads
  • Large range of variations to suit almost any specific need

Any Mode – 4×4 Enhancement Kits

Enahancement kits are designed primarily for the recreational user or the customer after a suspension improvement / upgrade on the original suspension. This system can change the height and will provide an improvement in ride control.

  • Increased off road ability by keeping the tyre on the ground
  • Increased critical angles, approach, departure and break over angles
  • Ride comfort
  • Carrying off road accessories