Rally computers and accessories

Monit is a premium manufacturer of innovative rally computers. By using the latest engineering technology, our products are more compact, more powerful and more reliable than any others on the market today.

Technology – at the core of every Monit rally computer is a high-quality, sunlight viewable display. With its bright white backlight and anti-glare coating, this advanced display delivers crystal clear legibility in all lighting conditions. Coupled to this is an auto-motive grade electronics board, and the entire assembly is housed inside a custom designed injection molded case. The result is a rally computer weighing only 100 grams, yet carefully engineered to survive the toughest rally stage.

Simple operation – all Monit products are designed to be very easy to use. Rather than using complicated abbreviations and codes, Monit rally computers have a modern mobile-phone style user interface. This guides you through tricky operations, such as calibration, using clear on-screen instructions.

Speed sensors and accessories

Monit rally computers measure distance and speed by counting the pulses received from a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). Depending on the type of vehicle, there are a number of options for obtaining a suitable signal.

Factory sensor – many modern vehicle already have a suitable VSS fitted to their gearboxes. If this sensor produces a digital signal, it can be connected directly  a Monit rally computer without the need for any interface box.

Existing aftermarket sensor – if another brand of rally computer was previously installed, the VSS used to run this should work with a Monit rally computer.

In relation to rally computers, there are now four models to choose from to suit a range of budgets and requirements.