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Out of sight and out of mind, most motorists simply don’t think about their shock absorbers, particularly if they drive a late model vehicle fitted with safety systems such as ABS and airbags. Just like tyres and brakes, shock absorbers wear out gradually and become, imperceptibly, less effective. A regular shock absorber check can be a life-saver and drivers need to be aware of the dangers that worn shocks represent.

Research commissioned by a leading shock absorber manufacturer has found that a car fitted with effective shock absorbers will stop 20% faster than the same car fitted with just one worn shock absorber. Tests show that the difference between good and bad shock absorbers is even more pronounced when the car is fitted with safety systems such as anti-lock braking.

The German vehicle inspection agency TUV found that, in a simulated emergency braking test, a car fitted with four effective shock absorbers travelling at 50 km/h along a straight, dry, uneven road stopped 20% faster than a vehicle with just one worn shock absorber. Further tests were carried out to assess the effects of worn shock absorbers on safety systems such as anti-lock braking (ABS).

A new VW Beetle with ABS and ESP (Electronic Stability Control) was put through an emergency braking test, firstly with 100% effective shock absorbers and then with shock absorbers that were 50% worn. The test was carried out at 80 km/h on a straight road where a lane was blocked to simulate an obstacle.

The difference was a staggering six metres – more than 20% – with the worn shock absorbers severely affecting the car’s safety systems.

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