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Whether it is an OEM steel wheel, an off-road wheel for your 4wd or a sleek looking set of alloy wheels to turn your car from the ordinary into the awesome, Bendigo Tyre Centre has it covered. Where other companies say ‘no’, we go the extra mile to find the right product for your car. We can find a wheel to suit just about any car! With years of experience, we use only reputable wheel brands with quality finishes.

Our wheel brands include: G.Max, Fox, ROH, HR Racing, Speedy, OZ Racing, Enix, Cragar, Osaka Racing, ANZ, Dragway, MNM, Lexani, Starcorp Racing, Centreline, Giovanna, MKW, Enkei, SSA, Dolce, XHP, CSA, Akuza, King, Zenetti, BSA, Prodrive, Zinik, Momo, Verde, Vault, SSW, Advanti Racing, American Racing, Lenso, Performance, Team Dynamics, Koya, Bazo, Greg Weld Design.

In addition to wheels, we stock a large range of wheel nuts. Open-end OEM type nuts, closed-chrome acorn nuts, mag wheel (shank) type nuts and washers, lock nuts, alloy and aluminium lightweight nuts and coloured nuts are available.

Wheel and tyre packages are available, contact us for details. Find out more about our competition wheels available online too.