Wheel alignments in Bendigo

Bendigo Tyre Centre takes wheel alignments seriously. Many places will tell you they’d done a wheel alignment, but only adjusted what is easily accessible, or what the operator has been shown what to do. Fully trained staff test drive each vehicle, do a complete suspension and shock absorber check, inspect tyres for signs of irregular wear and tear and check tyre pressures BEFORE each wheel alignment is carried out.

Measurements are taken for both the front and back axles as standard. All available adjustments are made to your vehicle and any issues with your wheel alignment are discussed with you.

We also have the capacity to wheel align larger, commercial type vehicles, such as Mercedes Sprinter and Vito, Iveco Daily, Hyundai iLoad, GMC, and Ford F trucks etc.

Many vehicles have limited adjustability from the factory when it comes to wheel alignment settings and car manufacturers often have a wide range of acceptable tolerances. This can often cause increased and irregular tyre wear along with slight vehicle pull for many customers. Bendigo Tyre Centre has an extensive range of wheel alignment correction products for both front and rear axles enabling full camber, caster and toe adjustments to be made on vehicles with no or little factory adjustment thus increasing your vehicles handling, safety, fuel efficiency and increases your tyre life. We also provide wheel balancing in Bendigo to complete your wheel service.