Reeded Lens


Reeded lens for the Triple-R or Carbon Series range of lights increases the angle of the beam pattern by varying amounts, while also eliminating any potential dark spots when using multiples of lights in combination (dependant on application and setup). The lenses are made from acrylic, and feature a gasket which helps prohibit water and dust getting between the lenses. The reeded lens is secured in place using 4 spring clips supplied with each lens.

The Variable lens is specially designed for motorsport applications, which when used in conjunction with Triple-R Competition or Carbon Series lights, and improves lighting performance for high speed corners. For more information visit our ‘Finding The Perfect Rally Lighting Setup’ article – click here.

Options available for when lights are setup in a horizontal or vertical orientation.


What’s included:
– x1 Reeded Lens (with gasket)
– x4 Spring Clips*


*Please note the Carbon Series requires different spring clips to the Triple-R lamps.



Increase the beam angle and eliminate potential dark spots

Designed for use with Triple-R or Carbon Series lights, setup in a horizontal or vertical orientation

Come supplied with 4x spring clips

Includes a gasket to help prohibit water and dust getting behind the lens

Made from acrylic