Backed by a highly-successful sporting tradition, Pirelli now breathes new life into the illustrious rally cars of the time with the P7™ CORSA Classic range. Rather than a new version, it is an innovative reinterpretation of the “competition king”. P7™ CORSA Classic combines the Pirelli elements that make the difference:third-millennium technical specifications for structure and special tread pattern, in order to enjoy maximum performance in complete safety, but also the appearance of the sidewall that matches the vehicles for which it is designed, thus helping to maintain the original look, right down to the smallest details. As part of the design, Pirelli engineers utilised the parameters of prototypes of the time, maintaining the stiffness characteristics specified for the special suspensions that only those rally cars used when racing. Nevertheless, P7™ CORSA Classic is the fruit of current times: it utilises green, highly aromatic oil free (HAOF) compounds and complies with the very latest regulations governing noise levels. A perfect “high-performance” integration of past and present. Midway through the 70s, Pirelli revolutionised the story of road sports and rally car tyres with P7™, a concentrated mix of technological innovation: a tubeless, ultra-low-profile radial tyre having 0° nylon belt. The doubled contact patch area, structural stability at high speeds and possibility of fitting rims with larger diameter (ideal for larger, more powerful brakes and more practical suspension housing) have accompanied and assisted the development of increasingly sophisticated, safe and high-performance vehicles.Following the success and high performance obtained with the legendary P7™, towards the end of the 70s, Pirelli developed P7™ CORSA. The unprecedented level of performance for that time led to the tyre being adopted by the biggest manufacturers and teams in rallying history: Lancia, Fiat-Abarth, Ford. Pirelli P7™ CORSA left its mark on the most exciting pages of world, European and national rally history of the time, offering thrills and spectacle to not only rally enthusiasts, but sports fans in general.The P7™ CORSA Classic sidewall imitates the style of the original tyre from the late 70s. It now features a double set of markings with corresponding road size: a necessity due to the type approval required in order to be able to take part in championship races. The exclusive tread of the P7™ CORSA Classic (in the current new version approved for road use) incorporates two specific designs: slick for dry conditions and grooved for the wet, drawing on and developing the asymmetrical pattern that has characterised the very best Pirelli UHP tyres.

Old stock clearance on Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic (very limited numbers) –

225/45R13 D3 $300EA (2)

235/45R15 D3 $430EA (1)

285/40R15 D3 $480EA (1)

255/50R16 D5 $450EA (2)