R = Race

The state of the art technology and high performance levels of the latest sports vehicles which take to the track are enhanced by Pirelli when the new point of contact, linking the thrill of your drive with the track itself, is the P Zero™ Trofeo R. Innovative ultra-low-profile tyres, intended mainly for track use, on dry surfaces: the enjoyment of driving reaches new heights, whilst active and passive components combine to ensure safety, even when pushed to the limit.

The benefits of P Zero™ Trofeo R :

> highly-effective grip on the track
> maximum precision when approaching bends
> exceptional lateral rigidity for extreme cornering
> precise steering response
> constant trajectories

In extreme use on the racetrack or on the road, you’ll recognise P Zero™ Trofeo R’s design qualities: excellent grip in bends, acceleration and braking, always ensuring driver safety.
These results are due to manufacturing solutions which have increased structural resistance for the extreme use of tyres: here the work carried out by Pirelli on the single components is significant.

Here racing experience has played a key role as shown in the differentiation between the rigidity of the steel belts/zero degree between the rear tyre – for greater cornering stiffness – and the front tyre, which benefits from a wider contact area; in an all-around application, the materials benefit from greater rigidity, to guarantee dimensional stability at high speed.
There are also innovations in the manufacturing process, for an even distribution of tension between the elements limiting centrifugal forces at high speeds: crucial for constant footprint area and distribution of the contact pressures in conditions of stress.
Furthermore the bead geometry and materials make the connection to the rim more stable during acceleration and braking.

The contact area has been innovatively redesigned to give a greater contact area than the previous product and more uniform pressure distribution to ensure better grip, more even wear and driving comfort.


205/50ZR15 86Y Porsche Approved
225/50ZR15 91Y Porsche Approved

205/55ZR16 91Y Porsche Approved
225/50ZR16 92Y Porsche Approved
245/45ZR16 94Y Porsche Approved

205/45ZR17 88Y Mini Cooper / Fiat 500 Abarth / Lotus Exige
205/50ZR17 89Y Porsche Approved
225/45ZR17 91Y Porsche Approved
255/40ZR17 94Y Porsche Approved

225/40ZR18 (92Y) XL Porsche Approved
235/40ZR18 (95Y) XL Porsche Cayman Cup / BMW M3

245/40ZR18 (97Y) XL
265/35ZR18 (93Y) Porsche Approved
265/40ZR18 (101Y) XL Porsche Cayman Cup
295/30ZR18 (98Y) XL

235/35ZR19 (91Y) XL Porsche 997 GT3 / Lamborghini / McLaren MP4-12C / Ferrari 430/ Maserati
245/35ZR19 (93Y) XL Porsche 997/ BMW M3 / McLaren P1
265/30ZR19 (93Y) XL LaFerrari
265/35ZR19 (98Y) XL BMW M3
285/35ZR19 (103Y) XL Ferrari 430
295/30ZR19 (100Y) XL Lamborghini / Maserati
305/30ZR19 (102Y) XL Porsche 997
325/30ZR19 (101Y) Porsche 997

235/35ZR20 (88Y) Ferrari 458
245/30ZR20 (90Y) XL Lamborghini Huracan
245/35ZR20 (95Y) XL Porsche 911 (2012)
265/35ZR20 (99Y) XL Porsche 991 GT3RS
295/30ZR20 (101Y) XL
295/35ZR20 (105Y) XL Ferrari 458
305/30ZR20 (103Y) XL Porsche 911 2012 / McLaren P1
305/30ZR20 (99Y) McLaren MP4-12C
305/30ZR20 (L)(103Y) XL Lamborghini Huracan
345/30ZR20 (106Y) LaFerrari

325/30ZR21 (108Y) XL Porsche 991 GT3RS