EVO Corse SanRemo Corse 15×7 5/114.3 Mitsubishi


Original price was: $565.Current price is: $465.

Sanremo Corse 15 is the 15-inch alloy wheel specialized in gravel rally.

The spoke contour is machined out of standard in order to accommodate WRC brake calipers and allow the mounting of the tires at the same time. The edges are reinforced and resist to the most insidious cuts.

The spoke is sturdy to withstand the typical impacts of gravel rallies, while the valve hole is protected in the rear position to prevent damage from stone chips.

The wheel can be worked in a light version, for use on gravel or undemanding terrain, but it performs best when used on heavy ground.

Sanremo Corse 15 is a classic available since 2004, winner of numerous races in every category, from the modest N groups to the most prestigious WRC and S2000.

Colour : White

Size : 15×7

ET38 5/114.3

67.1mm centre bore