The EFS Torsion Bar is increased in strength by 25% to 30% over the standard O.E Bar. Just as Coil Springs & Leaf Springs fatigue & sag so do Torsion Bars. The EFS Torsion Bar will provide you with increased handling & response from your vehicle & compensate for extra loads.

Pre Stressed – To ensure longevity & durability
Increased in Spring rate – To compensate for load bearing accessories
Made from High Carbon Alloy Steel (XK-5160)
Bars Feature – Machined Splines, Bar Peeled & Rolled to ensure strength & reliability

Note: The ends of all EFS Torsion Bars are painted with a colour code, when fitting these Bars the following applies.

Green to front of vehicle, Blue to left & Red to right.

Please consult www.efs4wd.com.au for the correct EFS torsion bars for your vehicle. If you can’t find the torsion bars you require, contact us for help.

Torsion bars are sold as pairs.